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Haifa Blog


HUELVA - The Queen of Fruits

Last week I came back from a visit in Spain, during it  I participated in "Argus Added Value Fertilizers Europe 2019" Like I described in my last blog.

But also I got the chance to visit Haifa's subsidiary office "Haifa Iberia" in Madrid. The day after I went on a trip to Seville & Huelva, with Pedro Alcudia, Commercial Manager Haifa Iberia  and with Lucia Pastrana, Haifa Iberia Sales Person in Huelva area. 

Huelva, is a city in southwestern Spain which is known for its extraordinary panoramic view but also it's fruits! the world's 2nd largest producer of fresh strawberries after USA.



Huelva is the largest European strawberry producer. It has higher fruit quality because ofclimate conditions among other factors. It has 248 hours of sun a month in spring and a small atmospheric temperature range between  night and day, but the most of all it is known to have a fertile lands.That mean that more than 85% of this fruit in Spain is grown in this province, while around 80% of the strawberries produced in Huelva are exported outside Spain. The main destinations for this coveted fruit are Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

Much of Huelva’s countryside sits under huge plastic tunnels over which hovers the occasional raptor. 

During our visit, we went toa area that grows: Strawberries  6,095 hectares , Blueberries, 3,059 hectares & Raspberry  2,150  hectares.

According to FreshPlaza article about strawberries in Huelva, last year, the province beat all its records, the marketing of strawberries in foreign markets generated 994 million Euro in revenue, which is 7.2% more than in 2017.

Blueberries in Huelva been a 7% growth, from 2,858 to 3,059 hectares. The fruit therefore consolidates its sustained expansion in the province of Huelva.

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