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Haifa Blog


Greenhouse Expert Seminar in Almeria, Spain - March 2019

Haifa Group is a global leading expert in specialty fertilizers,rooted in pioneering agriculture and delivering exceptional plant nutrition products. Haifa is committed to supporting growers and agriculture experts worldwide. 
Knowledge sharing is everything but mainly proper educating Haifa's experts in our dynamic world. For that reason, in 2016 Haifa started a team called "Haifa Greenhouse Task Force". 

A group of open minded members with a big drive to lead and assist the greenhouse sector in every way.

The main goal was to reach greenhouse growers and experts, and expose them to Haifa's designated fertilizers for greenhouse and broad solutions.

Premium products that provide optimized plant nutrition aside of keeping the system clean and sodium out in order to let the plants grow safely.


Haifa's Greenhouse Task Force, aranged a 3 day seminar(11-14 March 2019) in Almeria, Spain. A perfect location for greenhouse learning with 31,000 Ha (Sea of Greenhouse). The seminar took off with 20 participants from 13 countries, each of them represents a different region and habits.

On the first day, Haifa agronomists shared Interactive presentations. multiple speakers took their place on stage,  providing tools and necessary knowledge on greenhouse operation. High quality lectures of Haifa members as well of out sourcing lecturer made the audience captivative by interest, and very useful.




The second day was dedicated for field trip to greenhouses and introducing the line of Haifa's products for greenhouse, that include: Haifa VitaPhos-K, Multi-K Reci and Haifa Growclean.

Overall, the seminar was wonderfuly organized. There was a high team atmosphere and good cooperation between participants. It was a very reproductive 

for both aspects: professionally and team work.


We will keep meeting up at least once a year, and arrange more productive seminars like this in varied locations, 

and to raise issues regarding greenhouse solutions, 


Interested in learning about Haifa's greenhouse solutions? Our team will be happy to provide you information, guidance and professional knowledge. For more information contact us by mail:

Avishai Schneider  -

Tal Shani -











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