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Haifa Blog


Advanced Agriculture Solutions for Supporting Water and Nutrient Use efficiency

Advanced Agriculture Solutions - Supporting Water and Nutrient Use efficiency


Argus Added Value Fertilizers Europe 2019Last week I've attended "Argus Added Value Fertilizers Europe 2019" conference, that was held in Barcelona, Spain.This year Haifa Group had the privelage to be the leading associate sponsor of this event.

The conference is dedicated to specific crops, products and people in the European market and that examine the technical, agronomic and commercial aspects of enhanced efficiency, specialty and added value fertilizers.
The event covers biostimulants, micronutrients, water solubles, slow and controlled release products,inhibitors, coatings, foliar applications and many other unique fertilizer products tailored for improving crop quality. Delegates are able to gain access to commercial and business opportunities in the region as well gaining valuable insights into how this dynamic sector will grow and evolve.

Tal Shani at Argus Added Value Fertilizers Europe 2019I had the honor as Haifa's Marketing Manager of Soluble Fertilizers, to give a lecture about "Advanced Agricultural Solutions for Supporting Water and Nutrient Use Efficiency".

This subject included the following topics: 

  • The holistic approach to plant nutrition management
  • Combined nutritional solutions
  • Achieving better water use efficiency using efficient fertilizers
  • Efficiency management for fertilizer programs

during my lecture I also included a case study of apple orchard fertilization in Russia, that started during 2015. Introducing the leaf sampling  and the fertilizer application methods for every stage of the plant, while demonstrating Haifa's availabe solutions for this matter: Multi-K Reci & VitaPhos-K.

And last, to introduce Haifa's newest plant nutrition expert system, called NutriNet™. With this expert system every grower can generate on his own a  step-by-step Nutrigation™ program while incorporating local meteorological data, soil analysis, irrigation water quality, and more. With 

With NutriNet™ you can create, store and control multiple fertilization program following the growth stages of  your crops.And the best is - it's an online system & free of charge.

/sites/default/files/TAL%20Shani%20Advanced%20Agricultural%20Solutions%20for%20Support%202019.pdfFor the full presentation click here 

Tal Shani answers questions at  Argus Added Value Fertilizers Europe 2019





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