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Poly-Feed™ Nutrition Program for Cucumber Protected Soil

Cucumber growth stages
Cucumber Protected Soil, Target Yield = 120 MT/Ha Foliar application

Recomandări cu privire la fertilizările standardizate IFAS pentru culturile de legume

Această publicație prezintă în formă prescurtată recomandările de fertilizare pentru culturile de legume pe baza testelor de sol efectuate de laboratorul de testare a solului extins IFAS (ESTL).

Cucumber crop guide: All there is to know about cucumber crop nutrition & cucumber fertilizer

This thorough crop guide covers all the aspects of cucumber plant nutrition: growth stages, how to grow cucumbers, fertilization recommendation and much more


Fertilization of cucumber in various growing methods

Either grown in open field, greenhouse or tunnel, Haifa's fertilizers supply all the required nutrients in order to improve yield and marketability


1. Open-field

Plant density of 30,000 – 40,000 / ha.
Expected yield of 25 – 35 Ton / ha.


Crop Guide: Plant Care & Fertigation

Index Open-field using granular N-P-K fertilizers Open-field using fully water soluble N-P-K fertilizers and fertigation setup Nutrigation™ (fertigation)*

Crop Guide: Cucumber Fertilization Recommendations

Index Nutrients demand/uptake/removal Generic fertilizers recommendations General fertilizing principles for cucumbers

Crop Guide: Nutrients for Cucumber

Index Leaf analysis Nitrogen (N) Phosphorous (P) Potassium (K)

Crop Guide: Cucumber

Index The origin of cucumbers Botanical taxonomy Nutritional and health values of the cucumber fruit Plant description

IFAS Standardized Fertilization Recommendations for Vegetable Crops | George J. Hochmuth and Edward A. Hanlon

This publication presents in abbreviated form the fertilization recommendations for vegetable crops based on soil tests performed by the IFAS Extension Soil Testing Laboratory (ESTL). It contains the basic information from which ESTL soil-test reports and fertilization recommendations are generated.

Fertigation-chemigation in protected agriculture | I. Papadopoulos

Abstract: Fertigation-Chemigation are regular and widely accepted practices for fertilization and plant protection under protected agriculture. With fertigation, the nutrients in the form og soluble fertilizers anticipated to most crops needs according to their stage of development, are applied with the irrigation water.