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Foliar potassium improves cantaloupe marketable and nutritional quality | G.E. Lester, J.L. Jifon, and W.M. Stewart

Potassium is important in optimizing both crop yield and economic quality. Root activity and K uptake are generally reduced during the reproductive phase of crop development.

The positive impact of potassium nitrate on wheat yield | Adriano Altissimo

The field trial results statistically and strongly supported the hypothesis that foliar application of potassium nitrate produces higher yield 

Dormancy break in table grape, Israel

Combined application of Dormex with Multi-K, enhanced flowering uniformity and reduced phytotoxicity and costs

Israel: flowering induction in mango

46% more fruits above control. This is a real Bonus

Foliar application of Haifa's Multi-K induced flowering and improved size distribution, which resulted in yield increase

Haifa Bonus improves export quality of citrus fruit

  A remarkable and highly significant increase in export quality fruit due to decreased rind defects  

Foliar nutrition enhanced citrus productivity in China


Multi-K sprays reduced fruit splitting rate, increased yield and total soluble solids (TSS)

Apricot quality improvement of early season varieties in Australia

  Foliar application of Bonus npK as fruit began to grow, improved fruit size distribution and its sugar content