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Haifa Bonus

Haifa Bonus enhanced dormancy break in pear

One timely spray of significant gaines can be achieved from improvement in size distribution. The yield was considerably increased by increasing fruit size

Haifa Bonus™ improves export quality of citrus fruit

+19% Grower’s revenue from yield   A remarkable and highly significant increase in export quality fruit due to decreased rind defects.



Foliar nutrition enhanced citrus productivity in China

Multi-K sprays reduced fruit splitting rate, increased yield and total soluble solids (TSS)



Citrus/ Hongjiang Oranges

Sugar-Beet response to foliar nutrition

Two foliar sprays with Multi-KMg resulted in significant increase in several yield parameters and in crop resistance to diseases



Sugar Beet/ Belotserkovskiy-45 (standard cv. in Ukraine)

Rice yield increased with Haifa foliar feeding solutions


The field trial, conducted in Thailand, tested the effect of three foliar applications of multi-npK (13-3-43) as the rice fertilizer, compared to the traditional growing method. The results: increased yield and revenue

Summer grown rice in the Philippines

Positive response to Multi-K™ application, all other vegetative and productive parameters were markedly and significantly enhanced

How to increase Maize yield in Mexico


By applying Multi-npK in side dressing, the fertilizer increased revenues per hectare



Boosting seed cotton yields in punjab with potassium | M.S. Brar and K.N. Tiwari

Cotton production in India has stagnated at a level far below its potential - the main reason being unbalanced and low rates of fertilizers. A review of key research on improved potassium (K) management practices provides a clear picture of the potential yield and economic benefits available to farmers.

How potassium nutrition can suppress soybean aphids | Tom Bruulsema, Christina DiFonzo and Claudio Gratton

The soybean aphid has become the most important insect pest of soybeans in the North- east and Midwest regions of North America. It often damages soybean  plants that  are K-deficient more than  those  that  are not.

Potassium Nutrition of cotton | K. Raja Reddy, Harry F. Hodges and Jac Varco

Knowledge of potassium (K) requirements for cotton growth and development is needed for efficient production. Fertilization of cotton with K is a complex issue, because soils vary widely in terms of K-supplying capacity and K fertilizer adsorption.


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