Revolutionizing Plant Nutrition for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

Nutrients, Technologies and Knowledge Enhances Future Agricultural Production

Last winter, UK citizens were surprised by empty vegetable shelves in supermarkets, an event known as the "Salad Crisis." Severe weather conditions across Europe and North Africa led to reduced yields and widespread shortages of fresh crops like tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce. These events, coupled with global climate change, emphasize the challenges faced by modern agriculture. With a growing population and dwindling resources of land, water, minerals, and energy, there is a need to improve agricultural production and minimize the environmental impact associated with farming practices.

Addressing these challenges, plant nutrition management and nutrient use efficiency (NUE) play a crucial role. By providing crops with the right blend of nutrients, better feeding practices can increase yields, improve crop quality, and enhance their resilience to weather-induced stress. To assist growers worldwide in producing superior crops, Haifa Group, a company specializing in plant nutrition solutions for over five decades, has introduced Nutri Haitech™ - integrated nutritional solutions based on premium products, profound knowledge, and advanced technologies.
Haifa's product range includes soluble fertilizers for Nutrigation™ (fertigation) and foliar applications, along with controlled release fertilizers.
These methods enable precise delivery of nutrients directly to plants, matching their specific growth needs while minimizing environmental losses. Biostimulants, which encourage natural physiological processes in plants and soil, enhance plant durability and stress tolerance. Recognizing their importance, Haifa has developed a line of specialty biostimulants.
To support growers in implementing precise plant nutrition for optimal efficiency and higher yields, Haifa has introduced several technological tools. NutriNet™ is a web-based expert system that generates customized Nutrigation™ plans tailored to real field situations. The system also compares the environmental footprint of different fertilization alternatives, encouraging growers to adopt sustainable practices. The MultiMatch™ system optimizes the use of controlled release fertilizers, and the FoliMatch™ app provides guidance for foliar nutrition applications. The Croptune™ mobile app enables real-time monitoring of crop nutrient status, facilitating precise fertilizer adjustments throughout the growth season.

Haifa’s comprehensive plant nutrition knowledge is available to growers worldwide through a multi-language website.
Haifa's ongoing research and development efforts focus on unique products and farming systems. These include advanced plant nutrients such as biostimulants with specific activity and nanotechnology-based fertilizers, as well as biological agents that support plant nutrition and innovative devices for sensing and monitoring, and for controlling environmental impact of plant nutrition.
By pursuing these innovations, Haifa aims to assist growers in achieving global food security sustainably.

In summary, Haifa's plant nutrition solutions offer effective ways to increase yields, improve crop quality, and minimize the environmental impact of farming practices. Haifa's ongoing R&D endeavors aim to provide growers with innovative tools that contribute to sustainable food production and security.