Better potato yield by using Haifa Multicote™ Agri in South Africa

When it gets to preparing long and tasty French Fries, bigger and high quality potatoes are obviously the key ingredient.

This is the story of a professional potatoes grower who adopted Haifa's Multicote™ Agri controlled release fertilizer (CRF) as the prime fertilization practice for his fields, and enjoys a bunch of benefits from this advance technique.

Boesie is a grower from Malmesbury, just 60km north to Cape Town, South Africa. For the last 3 seasons he's been using Multicote™ Agri for the potatoes he grows.Boesie realized that a Multicote™ Agri application at the seeding time is the secret for having a yield of 75ton/Ha, a much higher yield than he had before discovering the benefits of the CRF. 
Multicote™ Agri does a big the difference' said Boesie, "We apply it early in the season. It is a special formula we figured together with Kali of Inteligro, and use it as the main source of plant nutrition to the plants

The sandy soil of the field is irrigated by center pivot system. The CRF is put into the soil and releases the nutrient through the entire season. A few complementary applications of extra potassium nitrate and calcium nitrate are given during the season. The overall result is impressive. The high record yield Boesie enjoys from his potato fields very well proves that this practice is a success.

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