Better Wheat Yield and higher NUE with HaifaStim™ VIM S

In a commercial durum wheat plot in Italy, a trial was conducted to evaluate the effect of HaifaStim™ VIM S application along with the pre-emergence application of herbicides.

HaifaStim™ VIM S is a concentrated formulation of pure micronized Leonardite, a rich source of humin, humic and fulvic acids that act together to improve soil properties and boost root activity, thus improving nutrient availability for plant uptake.
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Location: Apricena (Puglia), South Italy
Trial Observation dates: 20.11.2022 - 10.7.2023
Crop: Durum wheat var. Antalis

Both control and HaifaStim™ plots received fertilization according to the grower’s standard scheme, consisting of three soil applications:

  1. At sowing: 30 kg/ha granular N-P(Zn) fertilizer 10-43
  2. At tillering: 200 kg/ha urea
  3. Before spiking: 150 kg/ha granular nitrogen fertilizer (31% N-NH2 + 19% SO3) with urease inhibitors

HaifaStim™ VIM S was applied along with the pre-emergence application of herbicides at a rate of 3 kg/ha.

Yield results

 Treatment Yield (ton/ha) Proteins
 Total Prod.   Value* Total Fert.
 Control 4.55 13.2% 80.3 kg/hl 1800 € 330€ 1470 €
 6.04 (+32.7%) 13.1% 78.9 kg/hl 2416 € 360€ 2056 € (+40%)

* Based on wheat price of 400€ per ton of grains

Nutrient Use Efficiency
As both plots received same amounts of nitrogen, the higher yield that was obtained with HaifaStim™ VIM S means higher efficiency of the fertilizer inputs. This can be attributed to the positive effect of the active ingredients in HaifaStim™ VIM S on the ability of the plant to uptake nutrients and to assimilate them.

In certain cases, base fertilization of wheat crop is skipped or applied at sub-optimal rates. Under circumstances of insufficient fertilization, HaifaStim™ VIM S helps the crop utilizing nutrients from the soil and overcoming the shortage.