Better open field yields with Haifa's biostimulants range

Haifa's Plant Nutrition 360o approach is a holistic method that aims to take care of all crop growth needs, using diverse fertilizers and application methods for maximum efficiency of nutrient use. In recent years, it has become evident that certain physio-nutritional, referred to as Biostimulants, have great synergy with plant nutrition to improve the well-being and the performance of the plant.

Plant nutrition experts suggest that biostimulants complete the puzzle of plant nutrition. While fertilization provides essential nutrients, the biostimulants strengthen the plant and support its growth mechanisms. Modern growers know how to provide crops with efficient fertilization, and now the introduction of biostimulants enables the next leap in crop production.  


The cherry on the cake

It should be stressed that biostimulants can't replace adequate supply of plant nutrients from mineral fertilizers. Only fertilizers can provide the nutrition that intensive crop production requires. But biostimulatns are the cherry on the cake, they make a real difference: allow the crop to reach its growth potential. The combination of fertilizers and biostimulants creates fully integrated plant nutrition that meets the constantly rising needs of modern agriculture.


When things get tough

Adverse weather conditions, low quality of irrigation water and degraded soil can impose stress on the plant. As even short periods of stress can affect the entire growth cycle and harm the yield, it is advisable to give the plant the ability to handle stress situations.  Improving the entire growth system, biostimulants increase the capability of plants to handle stress situations and help curing physiological disorders. Today, extreme weather conditions become more frequent and while growers are forced to use marginal lands and low-quality water, the extra force that the biostimulants grant the crop becomes vital.

Common plant disorders (left: calcium deficiency in tomato; right: salinity damage in citrus)


Bliss of nature

HaifaStim™ biostimulants are all derived from organic materials, by-products of natural processes serving the developing cycling economy model.   They enrich mineral nutrition with the special features of organic processes, thus facilitating uptake and assimilation of nutrients, bending transport of ions and molecules inside the plant, providing systemic reaction and enhancing many other processes in the plant.


Make a whole

The Plant 360o is now complete: with Haifa's premium plant nutrients plus HaifaStim™ biostimulantsyour crop is nourished and empowered to grow stronger and healthier and to produce higher yield with better quality.









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