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Agronomic Q&A: what is the recommended fertilization program when there's only one tank?

Since there's a problem to combine calcium fertilizer with complex fertilizers, other solutions are required, as follows

Agronomic Q&A:  what is the recommended fertilization program when there's only one tank?

Q: I started to grow tomato for seeds and I want to create a fertilization program according to the seed company recommendations. We only have one fertilizer tank and one pump with which we can work with. What is the recommended fertilization program?

A: There is a problem to combine all the fertilizers in one tank since you cannot combine calcium fertilizer with complex fertilizers that contain phosphates.

The ideal solution is to add a second tank for calcium and inject the calcium to the daily irrigation water. If that is not possible, you can fertilize the two kinds of fertilizers in different days: 2 days a week - calcium fertilizer and 5 days a week - Poly-Feed™ fertilizer. In this case you should divide all the weekly amounts of calcium to two portions and all weekly amounts of Poly-Feed™ to five portions.

The fertilizer quantity recommendation:
From establishment to flowering:
Poly-Feed™ 19-19-19 - 13 Kg/Ha daily
From flowering:
Poly-Feed™ 18-9-27 - 17 Kg/Ha daily or 119 Kg/Ha per week
Haifa Cal™ - 4 Kg/Ha Daily or 28 Kg/Ha per week

It should be noted that fertilizer type and amounts might vary significantly depending on your crop and growing environment. Please consult with Haifa agronomist for a specific fertilization program.


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