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Poly-Feed™ Nutrition Program for Tomato Greenhouse Soil

Tomato growth stages
Tomato Greenhouse Soil, Target Yield = 160 MT/Ha Foliar application

Poly-Feed™ Nutrition Program for Tomato Open Field

Poly-Feed™ is a range of fully water-soluble NPK fertilizers, designed to provide complete plant nutrition throughout the growth season.

Interesting results of foliar feeding trials on virus infected tomatoes

Since 2016, the TBRFV virus has caused serious damage to tomatoes greenhouses in Israel. In the 2019-20 season, a trial was conducted in which foliar feeding was incorporated into plant protection sprays. The purpose of the foliar feeding was to overcome the damage caused by a virus that had severely damaged the previous season's yield. It was assumed that foliar feeding would reduce the impact of damage to the roots and transport systems of the plant and would reduce yield reduction.

Recomandări cu privire la fertilizările standardizate IFAS pentru culturile de legume

Această publicație prezintă în formă prescurtată recomandările de fertilizare pentru culturile de legume pe baza testelor de sol efectuate de laboratorul de testare a solului extins IFAS (ESTL).

Fertigation of tomato crop in India

Combined application of Multi-K and Urea via fertigation


Tomato crop guide: Fertilization recommendations

Please note: the recommendations appearing in this chapter should be regarded as a general guide only. The exact fertilization program should be determined according to the specific crop needs, soil type, water analysis, cultivar, and most importantly- leaning on the grower’s experience. For detailed recommendations, please consult a local Haifa representative, and "Do it Yourself" by using our well established and reliable Plant Nutrition Decision Software "NutriNet".

Crop Guide: How to Grow Tomato & Growing Tomato

Soil or soilless, protected crop (greenhouse or high plastic tunnel) or open field.

Crop Guide: Tomato

Tomato cultivars may be classified into three groups by their growth patterns, which are recognized by the arrangement and the frequency of leaves and the inflorescence on the stem.


IFAS Standardized Fertilization Recommendations for Vegetable Crops

This publication presents in abbreviated form the fertilization recommendations for vegetable crops based on soil tests performed by the IFAS Extension Soil Testing Laboratory (ESTL). It contains the basic information from which ESTL soil-test reports and fertilization recommendations are generated.