18% improved yield quality in tomatoes. Trial results shows.

A field trial took place in Mexico checked the yield reached by using Multicote™ Agri controlled release fertilizer (CRF) together with fertigation of tomatoes grown in net-houses. The results clearly showed that a nutritional program that combines CRF and Nutrigation™ improved yield quality and allowed for lower application rates, compared to the Nutrigation™ only.

18% improved yield quality in tomatoes. Trial results shows.

The trial was carried out in Verduras Finas del Altiplano farm, Huizache, S.L.P. México. Tomatoes of the cultivar 7705 (Nunhems) were grown in calcareous soil, and drip-irrigated. Two fertilization programs were performed during the trial: A. A common practice control program B. A new CRF + Fertigation combination Each treatment was applied in one replicate. Nutrigation™ was applied throughout the growth season, with changing concentrations of nutrients that followed crop’s requirements.



By the end of the trial we realized that the combined treatment achieved similar yield as the control treatment but the consumption of fertilizers was much more efficient. 30% less Nitrogen and 30% less K2O were used. But this is not the only significant advantage of the combined treatment. We saw that the quality of the tomatoes was much better. We had 18% more L & XL tomatoes compare to the control group. This simply means that with a sophisticated approach using less fertilizer we enjoy more profitable crops.


This case proves that "less gets more" is not just a marketing slogan, it's a reality.


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