Flowering tomato plant growth stages - Nutrition Program

The tomato life cycle is divided into four stages: vegetative, first flowering cluster and first fruit-set, fruit filling (fruiting) + new flowering clusters and last ripening and harvest
Each having its own set of growth habits and development requirements. During the vegetative stage, stems and leaves develop, and they require nitrogen to do so. Flowers and fruits necessitate lower nitrogen levels and greater potassium and phosphorus levels for optimal fruit production, development, and growth.

Tomatoes are annual plants that grow from a germinating seed to a plant with fruit bearing seed in a single season.

Poly-Feed™ is a range of fully water-soluble NPK fertilizers, designed to provide complete plant nutrition throughout the growth season. The wide choice of formulae and compositions meets the needs of vegetable crops, fruit-trees and flowers at all growth environments. Poly-Feed™ products enable growers feed crops according to their developing needs by means of Nutrigation™ (Fertigation) and Foliar Feeding, application methods that offer maximum efficiency of nutrient use, optimal growth and minimized pollution of soil, water and air.

The special advantages of Poly-Feed™ products:
 Fully water soluble, safe for use with all irrigation and spraying (foliar spray) systems
 Consist of pure plant nutrients exclusively
 Free of chloride, sodium, and other detrimental elements
 Made of high quality ingredients
 Enriched with high levels of micronutrients

Foliar application
Product Poly-Feed™ 19-19-19+1MgO+ME Poly-Feed™ 19-19-19+1MgO+ME Poly-Feed™ 12-5-40+1MgO+ME  
Application rate 1-2 kg/ha 1-2 kg/ha 2-4 kg/ha  
Spray Conc. / Volume 0.5%-1% / 200 l/ha 0.5%-1% / 200 l/ha 1.5%-2% / 300-400 l/ha  
Application frequency Every 14 days Every 14 days Every 14 days  
Growth stage tomato growth stages - vegetative stage tomato growth stages - first flowering cluster and first fruit set tomato growth stages - fruit filling and new flowering tomato growth stages - ripening and harvest
Stage duration (days) Vegetative stage
First flowering cluster and first fruit-set
Fruit filling + new flowering clusters
Ripening and harvest
Soil application / Nurtrigation™
Product Poly-Feed™ 20-20-20+ME Poly-Feed™ 14-10-34+ME Poly-Feed™ 14-10-34+ME Poly-Feed™ 14-10-34+ME
Application rate 8 kg/ha/day 16 kg/ha/day 19.25 kg/ha/day 19.25 kg/ha/day
Total volume per stage 200 Kg/ha 480 Kg/ha 385 Kg/ha 385 Kg/ha