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Haifa Blog


Poly-Feed™ Stim: NPK fertilizers with the double action

Haifa’s ready-made Poly-Feed™ formula have become very popular worldwide over the last 40 years. Poly-Feed™ nutrition is preferred in both high-tech growth systems and fields with limited infrastructure, due to the simplicity and accuracy it offers.
Growers apply two- or three stages fertilization programs, where the NPK ratios of Poly-Feed™ formulae are suited to the growth needs at each stage.    Poly-Feed™  with the adequate NPK ratio for the growth stage is used by growers in two or three stages programs, such as the two-stage fertilization program for vegetables.

What was previously excellent for growers has recently become even better. The well-known NPK formulae of Poly-Feed™ can now be combined with biostimulants in an appropriate concentration. The new “Poly-Feed™  Stim” fertilizer eliminates the need for additional applications and provides the plant with both nutrients in the proper concentration and Haifa's high quality biostimulants to improve plant performance.

The benefits of Poly-Feed™ ™ Stim:
  • High concentration of fully soluble, readily available nutrients
  • All plant nutrients in a single product
  • Improved nutrient uptake & mobility
  • Increases stress tolerance to adverse growth conditions
  • Strengthens natural plant resistance to biotic and abiotic stress
  • Higher yield and better quality
The Poly-Feed™ Stim products are available with various NPK ratios. The range includes
Poly-Feed™ ™ Stim Armor - Rich in plant-available silicon (Si) Improves nutrient uptake and use efficiency.
Poly-Feed™ ™ Stim Spark - Contains special Humate complex Improves foliar adsorption and assimilation of the nutrients.
Poly-Feed™ ™ Stim Impact - Contains special Fulvate complex Increases plant mechanical strength.
Poly-Feed™ ™ Stim Enduro - Contains seaweed extracts Enhances plant growth for better yields.
See more information here:
Poly-Feed™ Drip - Water soluble fertilizer
Poly-Feed™ Stim


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