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Haifa Blog


Sharing Nutrigation™ knowledge in Hungary

Haifa South East Europe had the privilege to sponsor a 2-day Nutrigation™ seminar and demonstrate Haifa's pioneering solutions

Sharing Nutrigation™ knowledge in Hungary

I had the pleasure to take part in a 2-day workshop focusing on Nutrigation™, aka Fertigation, and the ways it helps fruit tree growers achieve better results and yield. 

The seminar, which took place in Hungary on 20-22 of October, was an initiative made by our close associate Mr. Laszlo Keki, the general manager of Amiex Kft, a distributor of Haifa products. He invited us to enlighten the pioneering Nutrigation™ way alongside Netafim, a leading company in the irrigation sector. 

We at Haifa South East Europe were very surprised to find that a significant percent of the Hungarian horticulture sector has already implemented integrated Nutrigation™ systems in their orchards. Furthermore, the participants showed great interest in Haifa products and fertilization guidelines. 

Haifa South East Europe, as the main sponsor, provided valuable information about the the benefits of using Fertigation in orchards. Two of our main distributors in Hungary, Dio Kft and Kite Zrt, also attended the seminar, wishing to learn more about Haifa fertilizers and come in touch with many of their clients. 

In Attila’s “the leader of the Huns” elderberry orchard (40ha), which belongs to the one of the best growers in the region, the participants, mainly from the pomology sector, had the opportunity to take a close look at a running automated subsurface system. They also learned about the best way to supply Haifa fertilizers to a targeted root zone using a Nutrigation™ system. 

Finally, we want to thank all of our collaborators for the great hospitality, and especially wish to thank Mr Lazlo Keki and Amiex Kft. Besides sharing knowledge, it's always enlightening to meet the growers who use Haifa products, learn from their experience and establish a profound ground for future collaboration and success.

Sharing Nutrigation™ knowledge in Hungary

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