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Pepper Crop

Poly-Feed™ Nutrition Program for Bell Pepper Protected Soil

Capsicum plant growth stages in protected soil
Bell Pepper Protected Soil, Target Yield = 100 MT/Ha

Poly-Feed™ Nutrition Program for Bell Pepper Open Field

Capsicum plant growth stages in open field Bell Pepper Open Field, Target Yield = 80 MT/Ha

Multicote™ Controlled Release Fertilizer proved highly efficient for peppers

: An increase of 42% in Fresh Fruit yield (ton/ha) with a single application of Haifa CRF fertilizers.






A considerable increase in marketable Pepper yield obtained in Italy

Yield and quality improved mainly due to higher number of fruits per plant, larger fruit size and flesh thickness




Mexico: Multicote Agri reduced nutrients application rates

Pre planting application of Multicote Agri significantly reduces the nutrients application rates in chili pepper, without any reduction in crop yield and its quality




A complete recommendation for the fertilization of pepper plants

Find out what are the fertilizers that will give you the best results, regarding the different growing medium


I. Growing method: greenhouses / tunnels, on soil.
Plant density: 40,000-42,000 / Ha.
Expected yield: 50-70 Ton/Ha, depending on variety.



Crop Guide: Growing Peppers

Index: Growing methods Soil type   Specific sensitivities