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Controlled release fertilizers

The most reliable and effective way to make the availability of nutrients coincide with plant requirements is by controlling their release into the soil solution, using controlled release fertilizers.
This is accomplished by encapsulating fertilizer granules in a polymeric coating, employing Haifa’s Multicote technology.

When the controlled release fertilizers granules are applied to the soil, the coating acts as a semi-permeable barrier that allows continuous release of nutrients to the root zone.


Multicote technology, implemented in our controlled release fertilizers, offers:

  • Continuous release of nutrients to the root zone throughout the growth season.
  • Optimized nutrition in a single easy application.
  • Nutrient availability that matches plant requirements, with no hazardous excesses or damaging deficiencies.
  • Outstanding efficiency of nutrient use.
  • Reduced application rates.
  • Minimized fertilizer losses by leaching that also helps to comply with environmental regulations.
  • No contamination of groundwater.
  • No dependence on irrigation.



Multicote products

Multicote™ controlled release fertilizers for nurseries and ornamental plants
Multicote Agri / Multigro™ controlled release fertilizers for agriculture and horticulture
Multicote™ turf / Multigreen™ controlled release turf fertilizers
CoteN™ controlled release Nitrogen for arable crops
Multicote Micro™ controlled release Ca, Mg, Zn, B


Products for nurseries


Multicote – for nurseries and ornamental plants.  Multicote controlled release fertilizers offer a complete, carefully balanced nutrition program. Starting from the initial propagation stage through all the growing stages, Multicote fertilizers help to prevent nutrition shortages or oversupply that can affect the growth and health of the plants. The result is healthier, stronger and more saleable plants.



Products for Agriculture


Multicote Agri / Multigro – for agriculture and horticulture.  Multicote Agri controlled release fertilizers offer many benefits including season-long nutrition, high nutrient use efficiency, reduced application rates and minimized losses achieved by a single application.



Multicote Turf™ / Multigreen™ - Turf fertilizer


For golf courses, sports fields, public and private lawns.  Multicote Turf controlled release turf fertilizer offer an innovative approach for turf nutrition that fully addresses all Turf growth factors, providing optimized fertilization programs for every combination of turf species, climate conditions, and maintenance level.