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Haifa Blog


Flooding Pecans

Although it's an ancient method, flood irrigation is still one of the most commonly used agriculture practices.

During a recent visit to South Africa, we had the chance to check firsthand a Pecan orchard that is being flood irrigated. The pecan trees are nourished with Multicote™ Agri once per season, and are all in perfect shape with overflowing yield. Located just a few kilometers north to Kimberley, middle of South Africa, the pecan orchard is planted on a sandy soil. The frequent flood irrigation does not affect the Multicote™ Agri fertilizers, supplying the required nutrition to the mature trees. 

Haifa’s controlled release fertilizers are completely consumed by the pecan trees, reducing leaching to near zero, and supports a well balanced growth so less pruning is needed. 

Read more about the Multicote™ technology at: 


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