Global Strength delivers leading nutrient solutions

Working for an international fertiliser company for 11 years has presented some challenges. There can be some difficult times, but these are far out-weighed by the interaction and learning that occurs across the globe. Haifa has 13 other offices around the world, in addition to our office in Australia.
Each has its unique opportunities and, together, the Haifa Group “shares the knowledge’’.


The Australian office recently launched a number of products suited to high quality horticulture and greenhouse production. These innovative products clearly show that not all fertilisers are the same. GrowClean™ and VitaPhos-K™, which have been sold by our European office for years, offer unique properties that clean irrigation systems whilst being very efficient sources of phosphorus and potassium. This, coupled with our Multi-K™ Reci product, the lowest sodium potassium nitrate on the market, offers leading edge solutions to our Australian growers.

In addition to the low sodium basket, we now have Haifa Cal™ Prime, a calcium nitrate that is low in sodium as well as ammonia, a key requirement of modern, hi-tech greenhouse systems. The Australian Haifa team is always looking to our international colleagues and what they are working on. We are always seeking new and innovative ways to provide the nutrients our crops need – we call this “Pioneering the Future’’. Not only do we look outwardly, but we also show the way. Haifa recently launched the new Junior range of controlled release fertiliser (CRF). The key concept of Junior is to provide a unique CRF blend when planting trees. We have been doing this for the past seven years in Australia. Our unique forestry blend has become the industry standard for planting eucalyptus seedlings. Ultimately, this illustrates that when you buy Haifa, you are buying global experience. Fertiliser products that are tested in more than 100 countries with every crop imaginable. We are not just a fertiliser company – we are a global nutrition company helping to feed the world.