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Haifa Blog


Haifa's Integrated Solutions for Open Field

It is with a great pleasure to announce that "Haifa Academy" had started!

3 days seminar in Alicante, Spain , with 30 wonderful participants from Haifa's subsidiaries around the world (Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Israel, Italy, Australia, South Africa, United States).

Haifa offers a unique combination of diverse portfolio and profound acquaintance with agricultural practices. A combination which enables us to approach every crop and every farmer with a customized nutritional solution.

Over this seminar we shall explore Haifa's integrated nutritional solutions that combine Multicote™ along with other products, and learn how to adapt them to various situations.

Aiming to produce hands-on knowledge while taking advantage of the experience earned by Haifa
experts worldwide, the meeting will include a workshop in which the participants will study together actual cases, discuss them and exchange ideas.

Looking forward to see what tomorrow brings!

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