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Haifa Blog


Mexican growers enjoy an outstanding onion yield with Haifa’s Water soluble fertilizers

White onions are the onions of choice in classic Mexican cooking. They have a sharp taste, tender texture and a thinner skin than other varieties.


Onion is a must have ingredient in most of the Mexican cousin. In Mexican food, onions are a must in poultry broths and meat, which are essential for making moles, and a whole range of tacos, or stews.

As Mexican growers seek to maximize their onion yield, Haifa Mexico, and the local distributors the company works with, constantly provide trainings, recommendations and plant nutrition solutions across the country. One of the most successful cases is a Delicias based farm, in Chihuahua State.

Mexican growers enjoy an outstanding onion yield with Haifa’s Water soluble fertilizersThis farm has been growing Carta Blanca White onions for many years. During the last fifteen years they enjoyed routine visits by the Haifa’s  local and global team, providing them crop specific recommendations and detailed plant nutrition solutions.  While fertilizing the onion field through an irrigation system, the Haifa water soluble fertilizers were found as the best ones to yield the optimal results. Haifa MAP™, Multi-K™, Poly-Feed™ and Magnisal™ are the most popular products in use.

In a recent visit, Haifa agronomist witnessed an outstanding yield of over 82 ton/Ha of impressive sized healthy white onions.


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