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Poly-Feed™ Nutrition Program for Onion

Onion growth stages
Onion, Target Yield = 50 MT/Ha Foliar application

Better onion crop with Multicote™ Agri and Multi-K™ Prills

Observation in a commercial onion plot proved that Haifa's fertilization program improves yield and increases the grower's profit compared to the conventional practice.

Crop Guide: proven results of onion fertilization

Proven Results: Efficiency and Profitability with Haifa's Fertilization Programs for Onions


Crop Guide: Onion

Index: Nutrition and Nutrient Uptake  |  Nutritional Disorders

Crop Guide: Growing Onions

There is a wealth of types of edible onions that differs in size, shape and flavor. The bulb onion is the most prevalent member of the group, accounting for the largest growth areas and global yield.

Crop Guide: Onion

Index:    Overview   |   Onion economy

Overview : About onions


Onion flowers pollination in South Africa

After 6 months of careful planning and nurturing, onion plants produce flowers that are ready for pollination and seed production.

IFAS Standardized Fertilization Recommendations for Vegetable Crops

This publication presents in abbreviated form the fertilization recommendations for vegetable crops based on soil tests performed by the IFAS Extension Soil Testing Laboratory (ESTL). It contains the basic information from which ESTL soil-test reports and fertilization recommendations are generated