The Multicote™ Difference: Lessons from our Field Trip

The packing workers witnessed the remarkable effect of the Multicote™ fertilizer on the work of growers and their crops

The Multicote™ Difference: Lessons from our Field Trip

One sunny June morning we invited Haifa’s Controlled Release Fertilizers (CRF) packing workers on a field trip. A day away from their usual routine would enable them to meet the Multicote™ fertilizer again, this time in the field, where they could experience Multicote’s remarkable effects upon the work of growers and their crops. 

At Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot we met with Hanan, a local grower. We gathered around a planting hole in the avocado orchard. Multicote™ Agri had already been applied inside and would soon be mixed with soil. A young avocado tree was then planted and watered, and the fertilizer started releasing its nutrients, ensuring a healthy growth. 

An additional Multicote™ Agri benefit, as mentioned by the grower, was the fact that even though the recommended nitrogen rate for young avocados is 100 kg per hectare, with Multicote™ Agri he can apply just 30kg nitrogen per hectare, and still enjoy optimal results. A huge saving, indeed! 

Hanan also told us that in fertigated plots, trees might suffer of insufficient supply of nitrogen during the winter, when irrigation quantities are reduced. Multicote™ granules release nutrients continuously, independently of the irrigation, thus ensuring adequate feeding year-round. 

We stopped next at a flower nursery that exports fine flowers at times when they are out of season in most countries. 

Alex, the nursery’s owner, explained the professional challenges he faces and the solutions he applies. He explained that Haifa’s Multicote™ formula, especially customized according his requirements, enables him to use less water which results in healthier plants with far less fungi infections, and less rotten stems. Once a year, his workers drill two holes in each flower pot and apply Multicote™ just under the drip line. 

In a demonstration Alex performed he pulled a plant out of its pot and shook the soil off its roots. Two masses of the root system were holding on to last year’s Multicote™ granules revealing that the roots sought the fertilizer granules for their growth. 

Our last stop was at an apple plantation on Kibbutz Yiftach. Omri, the irrigation supervisor told us that their common practice, which is similar to Hanan’s practice, is to apply Multicote™ Agri upon planting. He then told us that from the early stages of testing, they had received good results from Multicote™ Agri that positively affected tree height and leaf color. 

With our day done, we returned to Haifa’s plant, inspired by the excellent achievements Haifa’s controlled release fertilizers were making in the field. 

The Multicote™ Difference: Lessons from our Field Trip