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Good agricultural practices for sugar cane

Abstract: Thailand is in the top rank of the exporters of sugar in the world. Nevertheless, there is still needs to formulate the good practices in sugarcane cultivation to produce safe and quality raw material for sugar processing. Additionally, the practices shall also include the environment issues that might be the case of trade barrier in the future.


Abstract: By way of introduction as the editor, I am an Honours graduate of the University of Wales and was awarded my Doctorate by the University of London and conferred a Diploma of Membership of the Imperial College in 1966. Following 30 years experience in sugarcane, I was awarded a Fellowship of the Institute of Biology in 1996.

Drip Irrigation and Fertigation for Sugarcane in Deep Black Soils

Abstract: Abstract. An experiment was conducted at Water Management Research Centre, Parbhani on Sugarcane Variety CO-7714, during 2000-2001 on medium deep clayey soil for finding out optimum water requirement, water use efficiency under drip and fertilizer use efficiency.

Foliar sprays with Haifa products increase sugar cane yield

During the growth season of 2014 a trial was carried out in Goiás, Brazil, to study the effect of the enrichment of  sugarcane nutrition with mid-season foliar sprays of Poly-Feed™ Mar and Haifa Bonus™. The results confirm that the foliar nutrition improved yield and increased the farmer’s net profit.


Trial setup

Multicote Agri has been used successfully in sugar cane

  Pre planting application of Multicote Agri significantly reduced the nutrients application rates without any reduction in crop yield and its quality


Sugar Cane

India: breakthrough in fertilization of sugar cane

High net benefit for application of Multi-K via fertigation, increased number of nodes per cane and the inter-nodal distance




Sugar-Cane / Co-671

Multi-K in Sugar Cane - Side dressing


Split application of Multi-K increased yield by 16 MT per hectare compared to a single application of MOP





Sugarcane/ ROC 10

Mexico: Multicote Agri reduced nutrients application rates

  Pre planting application of Multicote Agri significantly reduces the nutrients application rates in chili pepper, without any reduction in crop yield and its quality