Top 3 Proven Strategies to Keep Your Plants Alive During a Heatwave!

The Northern Hemisphere is preparing for another summer of extreme heat waves! While Mother Nature cranks up the heat, you can still keep your crops thriving. Here are 3 powerful strategies to outsmart the heatwave and secure a bountiful harvest:


1. Feed Your Plants Like a Pro: Multicote™ - The Temperature-Controlled Buffet

Plants are like athletes - their needs change with the seasons. As temperatures soar, their growth accelerates, demanding more nutrients. Enter Multicote™, the revolutionary controlled-release fertilizer. Imagine tiny timed-release capsules delivering the perfect amount of nutrients exactly when your plants need them most, all based on temperature! Multicote™ ignores factors like soil moisture or pH, ensuring a steady stream of nourishment for optimal growth, even in scorching heat.

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2. Beat the Drought: Multi-K™ - The Water-Wise Warrior

Heatwaves bring not just scorching temperatures but also water scarcity. Multi-K™ potassium nitrate comes to the rescue! This specialty fertilizer empowers your plants to become water warriors in two ways. First, it promotes the development of a strong and extensive root system that efficiently sucks up water from the soil. Second, it unlocks a hidden power - nitrate-fed plants use water 100% more effectively compared to those fed with ammonium. Additionally, Multi-K™ helps regulate water loss through stomata, further reducing water requirements. Plus, it prevents salt build-up, eliminating the need for wasteful extra irrigation.

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3. Unleash Plant Power: HaifaStim™ - The Ultimate Stress Busters

Even short bursts of heat or drought can hurt your yield. But fear not! HaifaStim™ biostimulants are your plant's secret weapon against stress. 
HaifaStim™ Wall-Up fortifies plant cell walls with readily available silicon, acting like microscopic armor to reduce water loss during heat and drought. It also encourages the growth of lateral roots, further enhancing water uptake. HaifaStim™ Booster provides a powerful punch of low molecular weight amino acids, acting like tiny stress-busting sponges that help plants adapt to water, salinity, and heat stress. 
HaifaStim™ Rally joins the fight with a concentrated dose of glycine-betaine, a natural superhero with antioxidant and osmotic powers that shields plants from heat and water stress.



Don't let the heatwave steal your harvest! Haifa's innovative solutions empower your plants to thrive in the harshest conditions. Embrace these powerful strategies and watch your crops flourish all summer long!