The "Umbrella Effect" of Multicote Agri

Multicote Agri prevents leaching and run-off of nutrients during the rainy season

The weekend of November 20-21 was very rainy in Israel. In some areas we witnessed 130 mm of rain, which exceeds the average of whole November, within two days!

Yishai Wachsmann, Haifa's agronomist in Northern Israel, took the photos shown here in a Garlic field that received 30mm of rain in 24h.
This flushed soil is located at the outer ring of a center pivot system.



Still, the grower knows that there is still enough nutrients for the rest of the season, despite the wash-off and percolation that the rain and irrigation method caused, and regardless the fact that most of the winter season is ahead.

This is due to the application of Multicote™ Agri before sowing, which secures nutrient supply at the root zone. As the release is gradual, the nutrients that were already been released have been  uptaken by the crop, and the rest is kept protected within Multicote™ granules.