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Poly-Feed™ Nutrition Program for Bell Pepper Protected Soil

Capsicum plant growth stages in protected soil
Bell Pepper Protected Soil, Target Yield = 100 MT/Ha

Poly-Feed™ Nutrition Program for Bell Pepper Open Field

Capsicum plant growth stages in open field Bell Pepper Open Field, Target Yield = 80 MT/Ha

Recomandări cu privire la fertilizările standardizate IFAS pentru culturile de legume

Această publicație prezintă în formă prescurtată recomandările de fertilizare pentru culturile de legume pe baza testelor de sol efectuate de laboratorul de testare a solului extins IFAS (ESTL).

Multicote™ Controlled Release Fertilizer proved highly efficient for peppers

: An increase of 42% in Fresh Fruit yield (ton/ha) with a single application of Haifa CRF fertilizers.






A considerable increase in marketable Pepper yield obtained in Italy

Yield and quality improved mainly due to higher number of fruits per plant, larger fruit size and flesh thickness




Mexico: Multicote Agri reduced nutrients application rates

Pre planting application of Multicote Agri significantly reduces the nutrients application rates in chili pepper, without any reduction in crop yield and its quality




A complete recommendation for the fertilization of pepper plants

Find out what are the fertilizers that will give you the best results, regarding the different growing medium


I. Growing method: greenhouses / tunnels, on soil.
Plant density: 40,000-42,000 / Ha.
Expected yield: 50-70 Ton/Ha, depending on variety.