Greenhouse Fertilizers:
Cultivating Excellence through Precision Nutrigation™

Greenhouse cultivation demands careful control over every aspect of plant growth.
In this precisely schemed environment, the precise supply of plant nutrients is vital to ensure optimal development and maximize yields.
Nutrigation™ (fertigation) with Haifa's comprehensive range of greenhouse fertilizers empowers growers to meet their crops' evolving nutritional needs throughout the growing season,
utilizing either straight salts or ready-made blends.

Haifa Fertilizers: The Cornerstone of Greenhouse Success

Comprised exclusively of pure plant nutrients, Haifa's fertilizers are free of chloride, sodium, and other harmful elements, safeguarding the well-being of delicate greenhouse crops.
These fertilizers possess complete water solubility, ensuring suitability in all irrigation systems and minimizing wastage.
Haifa's greenhouse fertilizers stand out for their exceptional quality and unwavering commitment to plant health.

Nurturing Every Crop's Nutritional Needs

Haifa's extensive portfolio of greenhouse fertilizers covers the entire spectrum of essential plant macro- and micronutrients.

Multi-K™  potassium nitrate products
Poly-Feed™ GG  Greenhouse-grade soluble NPK fertilizers, enriched with micronutrients
Poly-Feed™ Stim NPK fertilizers supplemented with micronutrients and biostimulants
Haifa MAP™ Mono-ammonium phosphate 12-61-0
Haifa MKP™ Mono-potassium phosphate 0-52-34
Haifa DKP™ Di-potassium Phosphate 0-41-54
Haifa SOP™ Potassium sulfate
Haifa P™ Phosphoric acid
Haifa Cal™ Calcium nitrate
Haifa Mag™ Magnesium nitrate
Haifa Micro™ A range of chelated micronutrients
A specialized line of fertilizers caters specifically to the unique requirements of soilless greenhouses and hydroponic systems

Unlocking Yield Potential with HaifaStim™ Biostimulants

To further enhance crop performance and maximize yield potential, Haifa recommends complementing plant nutrition with HaifaStim™ biostimulants.
These innovative solutions stimulate root development, optimize nutrient uptake, and enhance stress tolerance, empowering plants to thrive under even the most demanding conditions.

Get a tip from Haifa professionals

When preparing a fertilizer stock solution for greenhouse Nutrigation™, there are several details that should be noted to get stability, avoid precipitations, and maintain the best nutritional values for the plants.
Here are useful guidelines for preparation of fertilizer solutions in a two-tank system. 

Use the NutriNet™ tool to create and manage Nutrigation™ programs according to crop’s needs actual growth conditions and the irrigation equipment in use.     

Your Partner in Greenhouse Cultivation Excellence

Haifa’s dedication to innovation and sustainability extends beyond its exceptional fertilizers.
The company provides comprehensive support to growers, offering expert guidance on crop nutrition, fertigation strategies, and water management practices.
With Haifa as your partner, you can cultivate exceptional yields, optimize resource utilization, and establish a sustainable greenhouse production system.


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