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HaifaStim™ Amin

HaifaStim™ Amin is a source of amino acids peptides and peptones for Fertigation Amino acids and peptides (hydrolyzed proteins) facilitate synthesis of growth regulators in the plant, which, in turn, control a diversity of essential processes.


Better growth

Soil fertility

Enhanced nutrients uptake

Soil structure

Stress resistance

HaifaStim™ Amin advantages

  • Intensive crop production: helps the plant to produce sufficient amount of enzymes and metabolites in order to fulfill his yield potential.
  • Stressed crops: helps the plant to overcome metabolic retardation associated with stress situation.
  • In combination with water soluble fertilizers: HaifaStimTM Amin improves uptake and nutrient use efficiency.


Product specification (typical values)


Brown liquid

Total nitrogen

8.0% w/w

Organic nitrogen

7.7% w/w

Ammoniacal nitrogen

0.3% w/w

Organic matter

52% w/w

Organic carbon

26% w/w

Total Amino Acids

48.1% w/w

Free Amino Acids

10% w/w

pH (10% solution)


Density (20 0C)

1.24 g/cm3

Mean molecular weight

1.91 kDa



Concentration (%w/v)

EC (dS/m) at 20 °C








30 kg cans, 240 kg drums or 1000 liter IBC


Product brochure

HaifaStimTM Amin


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