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HaifaStim™ Foliamin

HaifaStimTM Foliamin is a source of amino acids and peptides for foliar applications.

The products is specially designed with high concentration of free amino acids and peptides, for prompt and full foliar absorption, better enzyme activity and superior carrying activity of fertilizers and pesticides.



Screen analysis

  • Appearance: Brown liquid
  • Total nitrogen: 8.5% w/w
  • Organic nitrogen: 8.3% w/w
  • Ammoniacal nitrogen: 0.2% w/w
  • Organic matter: 53% w/w
  • Organic carbon: 26.5% w/w
  • Total amino Acids: 51.9% w/w
  • Free amino Acids: 15% w/w
  • pH (10% solution): 6.5% w/w
  • Density (20 °C): 1.15-1.2 g/cm3
  • Mean molecular weight: 1.87 kDa
  • EC at 20 °C: 0.16 dS/m


  • 6 or 12 Kg cans
HaifaStim™ Foliamin advantages
  • Intensive crop production
    Helps the plant to produce sufficient amount of enzymes and metabolites in order to fulfill his yield potential.

  • Stressed crops
    Helps the plant to overcome metabolic retardation associated with stress situation.

  • As a carrier of plant protection products
    Stimulates the activity and downward transfer of active ingredients of those products.

  • In combination with water soluble fertilizers

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HaifaStim™ Foliamin

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