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HaifaStim™ Mar

HaifaStimTM Amin is a source of amino acids peptides and peptones for Fertigation Amino acids and peptides (hydrolyzed proteins) facilitate synthesis of growth regulators in the plant, which, in turn, control a diversity of essential processes.


Soil fertility Enhanced nutrients uptake Soil structure Stress resistance

Product specification (typical values)


Appearance Black micro flakes
Potassium oxide (K2O) 20.0% w/w
Alginic acid 10.0% w/w
Mannitol 4.0% w/w
Betains 0.1% w/w
Cytokinins 0.6% w/w
Organic Carbon (C) 20.0% w/w
Organic matter water soluble 40.0% w/w
Organic nitrogen (N) water soluble 1.0% w/w
Amino Acids and polypeptides 6.3% w/w
Carbohydrates 35.0 %w/w
pH (1% solution) 9.2
Density (20 0C) 0.76 g/cm3
Solubility (20°C) >450 gr/l



Suggested Application

HaifaStimTM Mar is compatible with most standard fertilizers and can be used in NutrigationTM and foliar application.


Available formulae

Haifa Stim™ Mar is also available as an ingredient in various Poly-Feed™ Mar NPK formulas: 20-20-20, 16-8-32, 15-15-30, and others.

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